Short-term gigs

Temporary Staffing Unit of Monetra Recruitment Services offers job seekers versatile work opportunities

Are you looking for short-term gigs you can conveniently fit to your schedule? 
Monetra Recruitment Services hire temporary workers of different professions for several positions every day. We are currently hiring candidates interested in temporary work opportunities in the fields of education and early education. These jobs vary from one day gigs to six months of employment and locate in Oulu and its neighbouring municipalities. Successful candidates shall have sufficient knowledge of Finnish for everyday language needs to communicate with their work community and understand written instructions of their tasks in Finnish. Language skills will be assessed at a meeting with Monetra temporary staff coordinator.

Candidates will be notified of available vacancies after they sign in Kuntarekry Temporary Staff pool using the links below. Once the candidate has signed in Kuntarekry, he or she is to contact and arrange for an appointment to activate their application. Once the sign-in process is completed, a candidate meeting the requirements of an enquiry for a temporary job will be notified of a work opportunity by a text message or via temp calendar apps. The first one to confirm the job opportunity will be hired. Monetra temporary staff coordinator will confirm worker assignments.

The world is your oyster

A temporary job gives a student an excellent opportunity to view the world of work; it brings variety to a pensioner’s daily life or to a person looking for a short term temporary position. A temporary job may be a good option if you want to try your hand at something new or gain more work experience. For many candidates, it proved to be an efficient path to work and longer contracts. On the other hand, temporary work does not tie you down, but you can shape your schedule to you life. Come along and sign in!